John Fagan is amazing! He made our first home buying experience so fun. John is very professional and answered all of our questions and concerns.  He was so thorough through every step of the process and so patient with us when we needed him to explain things again and again. My husband and I are so thankful that we used John as he is very knowledgeable and always gave us things to consider during our search. We'd give John 10 stars if we could and we definitely recommend using him when buying or selling your home.


I noticed that the homes John represented seemed to sell quickly, so when we decided to sell, we thought he would do a good job helping us sell our home. He answered a lot of our questions did some legwork for us. He was always there whenever we needed him. He would always respond quickly whether we emailed or called to answer our questions. He was easy to work with and to get a hold of. He brought his stager over to help me and she was also easy to work with and gave me good advice. Because of all of these things, we sold the house in two days. It was a good experience.


I would reach out to him on occasion and get feedback from him on home improvements, he was always really helpful.  He had his stager come out and talk to me about how to stage the house.

I was looking at a lot of pictures online and noticed many homes don’t have professional pictures. It was clear from his that he had good resources setup to sell the home quickly. He was able to list our home quickly, which was great because we were looking to sell quickly.

I think he’s professional and knows what he is doing. He knows how to make your home look good and how to get the most value from it. He’s also really easy to work with and is flexible, being able to quickly respond to my texts, emails or phone calls. He’s easy to get a hold of and to talk to. I found the whole process to be super easy.


For sometime I had been following John’s blog on the internet and I thought, ‘if I ever change my house again, this chap sounds really good.’ So when we decided that’s exactly what we were going to do I contacted him and asked him to come see us. He came over, we both liked him, my husband and I, and I liked his approach. We had a bad experience with a previous agent, and [John] was just very refreshing. Quite a breath of fresh air. So we signed up with him. 

You always felt that he’s got your back. Whenever our buyer was being a little bit odd, or wanted to know silly things, John would step in and help. He’s efficient, and he markets the house very, very well. He presents a beautiful brochure, with wonderful photos; he also takes a video of the property. He takes it in the day and another one at night. Because of this, the way that he markets, he sticks out above the rest. You won’t go wrong with him.


I interviewed another [realtor] first and I thought, “we connect, that’s good, everything’s good, I’m sorry that the next guy is going to come in in a few minutes and I’m probably just going to puff him off.” And I did not. [John] was just like his real estate company’s name, Superior. It really was. He didn’t need to sell himself, because I needed a marketing strong person (because I’m selling my home) and he was all of that and more. As soon as I met him I realized that the other realtor, that I really liked, was not “in the ballpark.” I was very impressed that the photographer, and video far exceeded anything that I expected. He marketed it right and that was exactly what I needed. He was great!


John has earned his place as our go-to realtor. We have recommended him to friends over the years. We have used him for two sales and two purchases in the last 3-4 years and are always impressed with his complete immersion in the field. He knows many of the other realtors and they know and trust him. Despite the nightmare of a listing agent on our most recent purchase he kept a professional demeanor and pushed through to get our contingent offer finalized (for a summer purchase in the height of the market). While we hope this is our final home, we will continue to recommend him and use him as a resource.

-Marni and Stephen

We were pretty sure we were going to buy a new home, so we weren’t sure we needed an agent, but are very glad we had John helping us. Not only did he show us different new home communities, but he also showed us existing homes in each area so we could have a good comparison. As we narrowed down the communities, and eventually decided on a new home, John’s experience helped us to decide on what model and lot would fit our needs now, and also be good for resale value in the future. John was also very helpful in determining what upgrades were worth doing through the builder, and which ones we should wait on and do after we moved in. Additionally, while we thought using the builder’s preferred lender was fine, John referred us to another lender for comparison and that ended up saving us a lot of money. Whether you’re buying a new home or an existing home, I highly recommend you call John.

-Steven and Barbara


John was a referral from a friend of mine, she’s an escrow officer, so she had worked with him professionally and on her home and her sister had also used him to buy her home as well. When my husband and I decided to start looking for a home we asked her if she knew any great realtors, and he was the first person that came to mind. So I figured if she trusts him then he must be a good person to work with, and he was. He met with us and really helped us understand where to get started, what to expect, and showed us how to go about our search. He really made the process a lot easier for us.

-Kristina Bene

While working with John, we sold our house within 5 days for asking price and didn’t even have to do an open house. It was probably the best experience I could ask for! John came in and did a walk-through and told us exactly what to do to get the house prepped. The whole process was great!

- Barbara Pretlove

Working with John was a very smooth process. We had known John previously and he was very professional and always followed up progress throughout our home search. We ended up buying a house in a new community. When we weren’t sure of the new neighborhood, John convinced us to go check out some of the homes. He was very helpful! We didn’t live close to the house being built that we decided to purchase, so John made sure to check on the progress of it since we weren’t conveniently able to. He would drive by and take pictures to keep us updated on the everything because he lived closer, which was very helpful for us to see how things were coming along.

- Kandice Righetti

While working with John I got results that were really tailored for my needs. He was able to understand what I was looking for and able to deliver the results that were specific to the needs of myself and my family, which was very important to me. I think the whole experience working with John was above and beyond! He was very patient and he didn’t try to push us into a house that didn’t fit our needs. His main objective through the whole process was to ensure that we were happy with our home and where we settled.

- Donnie Purto

We were very happy with the service that John Fagan provided! He was always available to us through phone calls, texts, emails and responded quickly when we had questions. John was proactive in finding new homes coming out that he thought would fit our search. We were very happy with everything and had a great experience!

- Frida Ross

I would give John 5 stars on all levels for being an agent. He’s gone above and beyond! He’s very professional, a great communicator and guided us every step of the way. His first impression with us really stuck out. He didn’t have to come over and meet us at our home, but he decided he wanted to and ended up sitting down with us for two hours, walking us through the process of what everything was to be expected. He really took his time with us. Thank you, John, for helping us sell our home and buying our dream home!! :)

- Erin Respicio

We had an outstanding experience working with John. He represented us for the sale of our current home as well as the purchase of our new home. He was excellent to work with throughout the entire process and very professional. I would recommend John to anyone who is looking to sell their current home or purchase a new home. He is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent reputation. John works very hard for his clients and he is very honest. I would certainly use John again if we are ever in need of a Realtor.

- Dan & Jamie DeMaria

I have purchased many homes over the years and found John Fagan very easy to work with . He is very responsive to our needs and wants. I would recommend John to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

- Gary Garcia

This was our second time working with John, and our experience was great. He brought in a great photographer who took beautiful photos of our home, and we would end up selling for over our asking price.

- Candyce Bradbury

John is a very professional agent. I love his use of technology. Our brochures and marketing were top notch, most of my friends and colleagues had never seen the innovative tools that John uses. It is important to have good communication during a transaction. I never waited more than 1/2 hour to get a response from John.

- Lisa Duran

The results were absolutely fantastic! We have been able to purchase a new home and the process was pretty seamless and the results were great, everything has gone through phenomenally. Every interaction I had with John, he was extremely efficient with communicating and responsive at all times. It’s hard to think of a specific instance that I can highlight where he went above and beyond because it truly was the overall experience of working with him. He was very thorough in making sure that we understood and outlined the process. He made sure that everything had a timeframe and checklist and making sure that we were able to stay on track. I can’t express how wonderful it was to work with John and his team!

- Natalie & Ken Rak

We had extremely positive results working with John! We we’re very pleased. We sold the house for more than we were asking for and had 10 offers. I think John went above and beyond 100% of the time. I’ve never sold a house before and didn’t know what to expect and John made the experience completely painless. I would certainly use him again and certainly recommend him to anybody and everybody that I know.

- Pat Farrell

Working with John was fantastic! He was always quick to respond and very professional. He was always available to communicate, even when I’d write him emails late at night he’d respond right away and I didn’t have to wait til the next day, which was really helpful throughout the whole process.

- Vanessa Souza

I think everything worked very well and we were very happy with the results! In general John was very responsive, which was very important to me. I think they did a great job doing the photography and videos and setting up the website and making it look good. He also had some staging advice that was a huge benefit to us as well! The whole process was great!

- John Wiltschut

My house ultimately sold with the help of John Fagan and his team. John made sure that our house maintained its curb appeal throughout it’s time on the market, he actually went and trimmed the bushes for me which was great!

- Tami Royston

We were very satisfied with our results working with John Fagan and his team! He had a great initial marketing plan when it came to using professional photography in order to reflect the property in its best light. 

- Jill Marek

The results were excellent working with John and his team, we were very pleased with how they handled the whole process of our home sale! John had great marketing tactics that were very creative and really showcased our luxury home in the best way. The video they put together of the home was just awesome, top-notch! The quality of everything, even something as simple as the sign out front, was high-end and matched the quality of the home we were selling, which really helped us get the top-dollar that we were looking for. John made the process simpler when it needed to be and I really appreciated that. He even made himself available for any questions when we were remotely signing papers in another state, which was very helpful in order to close the deal. It was an overall great experience!

- Nina Paolo

I think he did an excellent job of preparing the house for sale. The literature, the pictures, and the whole setup was very excellent which was very nice and helped the house sell. So the impression he left was excellent.

We had an issue with our neighbor that we had to resolve, and john pitched in. He spent personal time helping us resolve the issues and he's been involved from the beginning to the end. I'm really grateful for his help in resolving this conflict with the neighbor.

We put the house on the market for Christmas time, so for the open house he had a Santa Claus. It was beautiful! We had all kinds of positive comments about the setup. People came with their kids to see Santa Claus, take pictures, and tour the house. It was excellent, he had many visitors that day. It was an excellent idea, I had never heard of doing something like that before, but he did it. He has creative ideas, he’s really persistent, and his ideas are just excellent. My only regret is that we are leaving the state, if we weren’t leaving he would certainly be the person I'd work with for any real estate transaction.

- Nat & Jenny Amoozegar

Being a friend of John, he makes you feel even more than that when it comes to buying a house because it is the biggest investment of your life and he wants to make sure it’s right for you, it’s right for your wife, it’s right for your family or whoever it may be -- that’s first and foremost for him. For him, it’s not about a quick sale, it’s about making sure everything is pointing in the right direction. That’s what he finds, that’s what he brings out in you, and that’s what he gets you. My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Hawaii and John contacted us to tell us that a great house came on the market and might not be there when we got back. John offered to drive from Morgan Hill to San Jose and give us a virtual tour via video chat. He didn’t have to do that but he did. He showed us the house, gave us his honest opinion, and that’s really where he went above and beyond. When their client is out of town, most real estate agents would just deal with them when they return. John knew our situation was time sensitive and because finding a home quickly mattered to us, it mattered to him.

- Kevin & Amanda Frandsen

My results with John Fagan were exemplary. I’ve dealt with him on three sales and each time he did better than the time before! We were in the process of moving to Texas and my mother’s home needed extensive repairs, which we weren’t able to complete before the time that we needed to leave town. John took up that task. He brought in the necessary contractors, brought in a cleaning crew to polish the home and even arranged for some small staging to take place so that the home would sell quickly -- which it did! He marketed it well, he helped us price it well, and it sold very quickly, making the move very easy for us!

- Ron & JoAnn Smith

I worked with John Fagan on the sale of my home and then the purchase of my new home. On the sale of my home, we sold it on the first weekend that he got it on the market so I don’t think I could have asked for better results than that! It was also a smooth, fast closing process. It was really unexpected and exciting. I really thought it would take longer than it did!

- Tiffany Reese

John helped us sell our house in Hollister and purchase our new home in San Jose a couple of years ago. He was super helpful, knowledgeable about the area, and he went above and beyond! He set us up with a photographer to take pictures of our house and the photographer did an excellent job. John set that up because he knew it would help us present the property well and because of this we were able to get multiple offers on our house!

- Meghan & Brandon Ross

John sold our house within two weeks, which was really impressive! His marketing was far better than anyone else’s in the area and I really think that contributed to us selling our home so quickly. He did everything from bringing stuff from his own home to stage my house -- to being there for appointments that I couldn’t make -- to helping us with other issues that didn’t necessarily fall within his normal Realtor duties.

- Lisa Duran

John brought to the table a lot of skill; he really worked for us as a seller. We felt always that our best interests were at the front of his mind. And there were home sales that didn’t work out, for one reason or the other, and he stuck with it and worked hard. I could call him at any time of the day, it seems like he was a 24/7 Realtor!

- Brian & MaryJo Nelson

John walked us through the whole process, which was great! We were really appreciative. And then with our new house, it was a new construction build and he worked with the Realtor who sold the house. He actually got it to close in time and he gave us very good advice as to how to deal with the financing and he kind of led us through that and made sure we got the best financing available to us. I would say he’s a very, very good Realtor. We would definitely recommend him and definitely use him again!

- Adriana & Sean Farrell